A Kings County where municipal government is inclusive, collaborative, open-minded, transparent and efficient committed to an empowered, socially conscientious, and environmentally sensitive society in which our children and their children can thrive and prosper locally.


Advocate and work for a stronger and more prosperous Kings County with an effective, strategic, and efficient structure of local government.


Many citizens in Kings County are concerned about the current state of affairs of its municipal government and are of the opinion that change is necessary. Our view is that the majority of
engaged people of Kings County believe we are over-governed with four municipalities and seven villages each with its own elected representatives and supporting administrations. This preponderance of government structures results in silo thinking which create impediments to economic development and growth and an excessive tax burden.

We believe that the region has the natural and physical assets, including dynamic and creative people to build this region into one with an enviable economic, social, and environmental lifestyle second to none in Nova Scotia. We believe that visionary municipal governance that provides excellence in leadership, constructive relationships with senior governments, creates an environment that enables and encourages business development in a socially and
environmentally sensitive manner is necessary to achieve this level of prosperity.

Some elected members and administrations that support them are reluctant to explore the current governance structures and are not eager to change the status quo. We hope that these same leaders recognize that we can be so much more than what we are today through collaboration and partnership.

The status quo is not sustainable long term in this competitive world and we must adapt or otherwise fall behind. The responsibilities and solutions are ours together and it’s time for leadership and change.

Complete Vision and Statement of Objectives Document

Rethinking our approach to local government