The art of the deal with “Spanky” Corkum


By Mike Gorman

Tis the season for tall tales and stretched truths in the quaint and quiet town of Kentville. On the evening of September 19, the population gathered cramped and cosy in the St. James Anglican Church for a good old country throw down, in the form of a sedate candidates debate.

Somewhere between the third-dozenth refrain about how Kentville is “just the best” and also “the greatest,” themselves statements of questionable validity, May­or David “Spanky” Corkum took the floor to pontificate on power and influence (namely, his own).

“What will I do? With my connections with the premier of Nova Scotia, just re­cently, thanks to this council, saved this town $350,000. They wanted to bill us for ($225,000), and we managed to get them down to $85,000,” he proclaimed, referring to the cost of putting a new bridge over the Cornwallis River.

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